Top 5 Cloud Computing Storage Services Today You Need to Know

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Cloud storage and cloud computing are probably concepts that are already popular with people around the world. The following article will give the most basic information about cloud computing and information related to it. Most importantly, the best cloud storage services available today will be covered in this article. Let’s dive into this topic with us now. 

Overview of cloud computing and cloud storage services

Cloud computing is a revolution in the world of information technology. It has completely changed information technology resources in business. Simply put, cloud computing refers to the provision of cloud computing services including online storage, database management, computation, networking, and more using the Internet.

Because of the convenience as well as many outstanding advantages of cloud computing, many giants in this field have launched corresponding cloud storage services.

Cloud computing has become so popular with people all over the world.

The best cloud computing storage services in 2021

Google Drive

Google Drive has many outstanding features compared to other storage services. It allows users to store documents personally and has up to 15GB of memory.

Google Drive’s offline service allows users to view all documents and images that have been saved online when the network connection is unstable. Scanning documents is now easier than ever. You just need to take a picture and Google Drive will do the rest. Google’s free cloud computing storage service is currently considered the best storage engine, integrated with many other services.

Besides, Google Drive doesn’t just have a personal version of Google My Drive. It also has Google Team Drive for many people and businesses. Team Drivers is available in many different versions of G Suite, including G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Business, and G Suite for Education.


IDrive is a free cloud storage application. If you or your company needs to use more features, you will have to spend money. It allows users to backup, restore, and share data with others. With IDrive, you will avoid the hassle of accidentally losing your precious data.

IDrive regularly automatically scans for file changes and starts creating new backups.

IDrive is a cloud storage service suitable for small and medium businesses.

Therefore, you do not have to do it manually and spend too much time on data backup and recovery.

You can try iDrive for free with a capacity of 5GB. It is quite less compared to other cloud storage services. Google Drive’s free storage is 3 times that of IDrive. With the premium personal plan, you get up to 5TB (or 10TB) of storage for one user and unlimited devices.

IDrive is not only a suitable storage solution for individuals, but it is also a good choice for small, medium businesses and retailers.


Backblaze is well known for its nearly forty billion files recovered and over six hundred petabytes of data stored for worldwide customers. With Backblaze cloud storage service, users can perform simple data backup and recovery steps and do not need too many complicated operations.

Backblaze received a lot of positive feedback from users.

Backblaze has the following outstanding advantages:

  • Data backup and recovery speedily.
  • The unlimited number of backups.
  • Confidentiality of information and data.
  • Hard drive data recovery.
  • Enthusiastic and fast online customer support service.


pCloud is one of the best cloud storage services with up to 2TB capacity and unlimited remote uploads. PCloud has 10GB of free storage for the basic account. The my.pCloud function allows users to resize images without using the software.

Thanks to the feature that automatically locks crypto folders when the user logs out of the device, documents can be stored amazingly with pCloud.

pCloud is a storage service worth trying out.


It is one of the newest and most efficient cloud storage services thanks to its backup feature. You can store all types of documents such as PowerPoint, photos, videos, even CAD on Dropbox. Dropbox’s sync feature makes it easy to access documents from any device.

One of the most beneficial features of Dropbox is protecting documents in case the device is lost. You can delete the document when using the remote communication device. Dropbox has about 2GB of free storage. However, you have many different ways to increase the capacity to the desired level.

If you want to choose the best cloud storage service, you should know its benefits. Many providers not only offer free cloud storage but also a lot of other functions. The services mentioned above all promise to bring users the perfect experience.

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