Application of Cloud Computing model today you should know

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Cloud Computing technology model and practical applications are always important in applying to realize the goals set by individuals and businesses throughout the operation process.

In this article, we will share with you some useful and necessary information about the Cloud Computing model and accompanying cloud services for your reference and apply when necessary.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing, also known as Virtual Server Computing, is a computing model that uses computer technologies and develops based on the Internet. The term “cloud” is here metaphorically refers to the Internet (based on how it is arranged in a computer network diagram) and as a reference to the complexity of the infrastructure contained within it.

Cloud Computing simplifies your life/

Over the last few years, Cloud Computing has revolutionized the computer industry, fundamentally changing the way resources are used, operating structures, and storage, distribution and information processing. Most of us have been using one or more Cloud Computing application services in daily life as well as in business management.

In this computing model, all possibilities related to information technology are provided as “services”, allowing users to access technology services from a certain provider “in the cloud “without the knowledge and experience of that technology, and without the need to care about the infrastructure that serves the technology.

Application of Cloud Computing model today

Although only developed in a short period of time. However, Cloud Computing is now a very popular application. There may be many applications and software of high-tech devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) you are using, there are programs that are applying Cloud Computing that you do not notice.

Data storage is easier than ever with Cloud Computing/

The most common applications of Cloud Computing are:

  • Apple iCloud: iPhone or iPad are the two types of high-tech devices that we use most often today. In these types of devices, Apple often gives you an account called iCloud. This account helps you store all personal data to use for the device on. iCloud is one of the products born from the cloud platform that we use most often.
  • Google Drive: Google Drive is the storage space that Google provides for its user accounts. The storage space that we use on Google drivers for daily data storage is also one of the applications of the cloud platform.
  • In addition to the two common examples above, today Cloud Computing is also very widely applied to serve the development of information technology.

In Cloud Computing systems, the workload is significantly changed. Your business computer no longer has to do all the hard work like running heavy applications and programs. Instead, the network of computers that make up the clouds takes care of them, saving you a lot of money on hardware and software.

The only thing a user’s computer needs to be able to run the software is the interface to using a Cloud Computing system, which can be simply a Web browser, and the cloud network will take on the rest.

Most of us are already using Cloud Computing but not everyone understands it. Web-based e-mail services such as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail or Gmail are the most popular applications of Cloud Computing technology.

Instead of running an email program on your computer, you log into an email account via remote internet. The software and storage for your account do not exist on your computer – it is on the server’s Cloud Computing.

What are the advantages of Cloud Computing models?

  • Use dynamic computing resources: Resources are allocated to businesses exactly what the business wants instantly by mobilizing free resources available on the internet.
  • Reduce costs: Enterprises will be able to cut costs to purchase, install and maintain resources. Instead, they only need to identify their needs and then ask the cloud service providers to proceed.
  • Reduce the complexity in the structure of the business: Outsourcing the work of setting up and operating the IT apparatus, the business will only focus on the production of its specialized goods and reduce the complexity in structure.
  • Increase the use of computational resources: One of the headache questions of investing resources (for example, a server) is how long it will take to depreciate, whether or not you invest in that is profitable. Out of date technology or not.

When using resources on Cloud Computing, you no longer need to care about this anymore.

That is the information related to Cloud Computing technology models up to the present time that you can refer to. Hope this article will satisfy you.

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