38 Small One-storey House Ideas That Fit Every Lifestyle

Whether you’re a family with young children or a more mature couple in search of somewhere to settle down, one of the greatest advantages to single-story living is the ease and accessibility that comes with having all rooms on a single floor.

Open-concept floor plans means that parents can monitor young children from almost anywhere in the house without them playing out of sight on an upper floor.

And while single-story homes may not be only for mature or elderly couples, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t well-suited to older homeowners.

Mature homeowners or those with mobility restrictions have the ability to move about their home with greater ease and independence in a single-storey home.

Single-story homes are often open-concept in design, meaning that they come with a host of advantages that include an efficient use of square footage and vertical space (such as the opportunity for taller windows and vaulted ceilings that make homes feel more airy and spacious);

open sight lines and increased natural light (which in turn makes the home feel visually larger); and more room to entertain family and friends.

Less storys = less to clean, and that’s some math we can all get behind. One of the biggest benefits of living in a single-story home is that they are generally easier to maintain —

both inside and outside of the home (think washing your windows and clearing your eavestroughs on a single-story versus multi-level home).