30 Small Galley Kitchen Ideas That Are Practical & Chic

If you are after galley kitchen ideas and inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place.

So much has changed in the way in which we design and use our kitchens over the last decade or so, but there is something reassuring in how the galley kitchen has adapted to the new-found sense of space in more contemporary kitchen ideas and has thrived.

Galley kitchens are often seen as dated and cramped, relics from a time before open plan kitchens ruled the day.

Inspired by the compact, space-saving kitchens on boats, trains, and planes—in which long, narrow rows of cabinetry and appliances are placed on opposite walls with a central walkway in between them—

these efficient spaces are often found in older city apartments and historic homes.

Galley kitchens appeal to those who enjoy having a self-contained area for meal prep where everything is located within arm’s reach, plus the added benefit of banishing kitchen messes out of sight from the main living space.

Check out these galley kitchen ideas in a range of homes that prove that this classic style can be both practical and surprisingly chic.